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​Of the People, By the People, For the People.

Government Of, By and For the people is Democracy.  
Of, by, and for Corporations is Fascism
Add racism, you have Nazism.

The Purpose of Government:
Serve the people and protect us from the abuses of Corporations.

This is the year we take on corruption in our Government, Military, Banking, Political and Electoral system, from campaign financing to counting the ballots. 

   One Man  One Vote

Electors or Traitors?
308 Republicans failed​​​ their constitutional duty...

Protect us from an "unqualified" person, 
 invalidating the votes of 3 million Americans, appointing an unqualified loser from the opposite party winner.

Here is what they gave us:

An unstable draft dodging tax evader, 6 times bankrupt, unabashed Nazi with 3 wives he calls golddiggers.  Paid NY State 23 Million to settle criminal fraud case..involved in  more law suits than any person in history, compulsive liar, makes his living off prostitution, gambling and construction rackets with a 30 year history dealing with Genovese and Gambino crime families  see  ​Trump Escorts

"I Love War!"
"I will bomb them and steal their oil!"
"I will bomb whoever I want, whenever I want,
with whatever I want."

Could Electors have legally voted for Hillary Clinton if they are from a red state? Yes.

Quoting Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, a Democratic Candidate for President in 2016, 
"Electors are legally free to vote as they wish.  States ask them to take a pledge to vote for the candidate who won the state’s vote.
That is a moral pledge only.
Our view is they can breach it if they have a stronger moral reason to do so. ​
My own personal view is that following the democratic will is a sufficient reason." 

Lawrence Lessig
Harvard Law Professor

Judges Wrong To Stop Recounts

 Reagan appointee Antonin Scalia stopped the counting in the 2000 recount showing Gore won both the Popular and Electoral College vote, appointing the losers President and Vice President. This year, Reagan appointee Stephen Markham stopped the recount in spite of  exit polls showing Clinton a winner in Michigan and every recount state

S. Markham
​Reagan Appointee

D. Vivano
Rick Snyder Appointee

B. Zahara
Rick Snyder Appointee

What Should they have done? 
1.  Refused to take the cases, let the recounts continue to completion and honor the results.
2.  Recused themselves for conflict of interest.  If recounts continue, Democrats win in every contested state.

Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election by 3 million votes.
Exit polls show a much larger 9 point landslide and equally large Clinton victory in the electoral college. See: http://heavy.com/news/2016/11/early-voting-results-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-polls-targetsmart-wrong-skewed-florida/

Exit polls are used to predict election winners because they are accurate. 

Hillary Clinton

Greg Palast on why Hillary did not push for recount in Michigan

Why didn't Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party initiate the recount?  

Why is it left to Dr. Jill Stein to question this fraudulent election?  

The Michigan Court was wrong taking a case requesting stopping the recount.
The States are wrong to charge any citizen to pay for a recount. 

Americans expect impartial, fair elections controlled by employees of our government, independent of the parties and judiciary.

All states stopping recounts need to refund all money paid for the recount.  

What kind of nation have we become if our votes don't count and politically motivated judges appoint our elected officials and allow rigged election results to stand?

Dr. Jill Stein

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