99 Percent Party ~ Make our votes count

Replacing the 
Democratic Party


Dedicated to the "New Deal/Fair Deal"
policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt which gave US the largest middle class and greatest expanding economy
in the history of the world.

1. Verifiable paper trail voting machines checked by hand counting the ballots
2. Media must sponsor League of Women  voter style debates for every office as part of their licensing agreement. Return to Equal Time Provisions and the Fairness Doctrine in all media coverage of campaigns and debates. 
3. All office holders must retire by their 65th birthday.
4. Break up monopoly banks, Energy and Defense Contractors.  End no bid contracts.
5. Return to the New Deal policies that made us the greatest democracy with the greatest expanding economy on earth.
6. Single Payer health insurance coverage for all Americans, funded by payroll withholding the same as we do now for Social Security and Medicare.
7. Honor all entitlement program commitments.
8. Eliminate the private Federal Reserve.  We print our own money. See 
9. Chapter 11 all war related debt.
10. Arrest and try all Vietnam, Iraq and Afghan, war criminals
11. Arrest and try all those responsible for collapsing the financial system in 2008.
12. Remove the five Supreme Court Justices voting to stop the counting of the Ballots in the 2000 Presidential election and the five justices voting to allow Corporations to give unlimited sums to political candidates in the Citizens United decision for failing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
13. Overturn the Unconstitutional Patriot Act
14. Overturn any law authorizing indefinite detention of American Citizens without charges or trial as unconstitutional on its face.
Remove all senators and congressmen voting for the defense budget authorizing indefinite detention of American Citizens for failure to uphold the Constitution.
15. Return to the laws, tax rates and codes in effect on October 31, 1963
16. Public financing of Political Campaigns. No private/corporate contributions allowed.
17. Overturn  "Citizens United"  legalizing bribery of public officials.
18. Eliminate Lobbyists.  All citizens have equal access to their elected representatives.
19.  Reinstate federal laws making bribing of a public official a felony crime.
20.  Arrest and try any Officer of the law, on or off duty, who violates the right of the people to Freedom of speech, press and assembly or uses unnecessary force in the process of arrest.

21.  Free Tuition to all public colleges and universites for those who qualify
22.  Total commitment to eliminating causes and mitigating effects of climate change.
23.  Total commitment to peace.  Abandon "Endless war for profit" policies.
24.  Total commitment to spending your tax dollars on programs to help you, not the war profiteers in the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us to Beware.
25.  Total commitment to a return to fairness in taxation..a graduated income tax with rates and schedules in effect in 1962.

We are the 99%. This is your party.  Please email text for  platform planks or text you would like to add to:

One Man, One Vote